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At Connecticut Family Chiropractic, its about you and your health. Did you know that low back pain is the single leading cause of disability across the world? We know that when you get busy with your home and job, everything else but your health becomes your priority. You?ll be glad to know that chiropractic care can assure you optimal health and effective pain relief from painful conditions including back pain and neck pain. We Invite You to Come in and See for Yourself at Connecticut Family Chiropractic.
We believe that each patient deserves a comprehensive examination, including past and current medical history. We are equipped and trained to provide a full evaluation and if necessary, take X-rays, order any medical tests we might think necessary in order to know what the root of the Health Care problem is and what is the best way to help our patients. Our patients have always left the Connecticut Family Chiropractic center with better posture, balance, mobility and increased energy and vitality. Most people come to us due to pain and discomfort in their back, neck or legs. Following a thorough examination of their body, our expert chiropractic physicians are able to correct the underlying chronic problems that cause the pain.


Chiropractic Treatment for Chronic Pain: Start Your Journey Towards Wellness

Thank you for visiting Connecticut Family Chiropractic! We?re skilled and we care for your wellness. The highly trained, friendly and courteous staff at the center are committed to your lifetime family wellness and can help you with headache, neck pain, back pain, spinal disc syndrome, whiplash injury, pinch nerve, foot pain, TMJ and various other conditions. Estimates have revealed that health care expenditures for individuals with back pain are about 60% higher than those without. If you want to save on your medical expenses and avoid surgery and medication, choose Connecticut Family Chiropractic for your chiropractic treatment. Feeling ?great? is definitely better than feeling ?fine? and we will ensure that you realize the difference as soon as you have been examined and treated at the Connecticut Family Chiropractic center. Contact us Today!

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When I first came to CFC my lower back was tight. I had broken my ankle and lost some of my range of motion. I had months of physical therapy and still had not obtained adequate range of motion. After only one treatment I noticed my gait improved. With each treatment I am better and better. My lower back is more comfortable. I am very impressed and happy with my progress! Alice Daly, Roxbury CT When I first came to Connecticut Family Chiropractic and began treatment with Dr. Louis Sclafani, I could hardly walk. Pain in my back, leg and foot had become very debilitating and had led to a diminished quality of life, as well as depression. After just 3 visits, there was remarkable improvement! The pain had diminished and I was able to resume normal activities. Carol Thibodeau Brookfield, CT When I first came to the Connecticut Family Chiropractic I could barely move, I bent down to pick something up and couldn't straighten up. I came here in extreme pain. After just one treatment I could move more easily. After one week I have no pain and I'm feeling great. I would highly recommend this office. Will Begas, Carmel, CT

My major complaint was neck, shoulder and low back pain. I couldn't turn my head to look behind me when backing up my car and I could not sit through church service. I tried pain patches, over the counter medication but mainly I just "put up with it".
Kathleen Peachman, Danbury, CT Dr. Sclafani would be able to help me almost immediately! He was right! Within hours of seeing Dr. Sclafani, My jaw was opening better and my headache was subsiding. After several visits to Connecticut Family Chiropractic, I was amazingly so much better and so thankful. Now, my pain is gone and I feel great!


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