All that I can say is; Wow! I never knew what Chiropractic could achieve with the right doctor.. When I first consulted Dr. Sclafani for back pain, I had been affected with this for over 10 years. I had been to Orthopedic Surgeons, Physical Therapist and even other Chiropractic doctors. The key to Dr. Sclafani's approach was to listen to me! I find now that years after first seeing Dr. Sclafani, that his listening and teaching me what my condition was all about, was as important his treatment. This has literally changed my life as I do not have back pain constantly anymore. My condition does continue to talk to me , as Dr. Sclafani explained, it will from time to time because I have a form of arthritis that most people get and I waited too long to address it properly. Even though I have degenerative discs in my lumbar spine, I feel great most of the time since I have been receiving treatment. I know what stretches and exercise to perform, and I know if I do them and come in for maintenance, I will be just fine! I can lift my grandchildren, play golf with my family and friends and even do the gardening.

Thank you Connecticut Family Chiropractic and thank you Dr. Sclafani.

D. Richardson, Brewster, N.Y.

TMJ pain is the worst pain I can ever remember experiencing. When I first started to have pain in my jaw and ear, I thought it would go away. Four months later, I couldn't open my mouth without excruciating pain in my jaw and my ear. The pain even radiated up the side of my face and into my neck as well. I saw my dentist and he sent me to an oral surgeon. My oral surgeon sent me right over to Connecticut Family Chiropractic. I thought, how odd. My surgeon assured me that Dr. Sclafani would be able to help me almost immediately! He was right! Within hours of seeing Dr. Sclafani, My jaw was opening better and my headache was subsiding. After several visits to Connecticut Family Chiropractic, I was amazingly so much better and so thankful. Now, my pain is gone and I feel great!

J. Gleason, Brookfield, CT

I was involved in a terrible car accident. When I got to the hospital, I thought for sure I was going to be admitted. After a long examination, X-rays and a CT scan, I was told that all I had was a whiplash and I would get better in no time. After a week, I still couldn't move my neck, I felt as though I was living in a globe. I couldn't remember things people were telling me, I forgot my car keys in the car and locked them inside, I had no energy and just felt terrible. Then my friend told me about Connecticut Family Chiropractic and agreed to go with me. She had excellent things to say about them and had been going there on and off for years. I decided that I had to go. I was shocked when Dr. Sclafani told me that I had likely suffered a concussion! I asked why the CAT scan didn't show that even though I had a terrible headache. He explained that often concussion would not be seen on CT scan. In addition, he showed me on the x-ray that my spine in my neck had been damaged and this needed to be addressed immediately. Within two days, I was feeling a bit better and he even referred me to a Neurologist who agreed that I had a concussion and it might be months before I was back to normal. After several weeks, I was feeling so much better and I still feel so great!

Thank you to Dr. Sclafani and the Staff of Connecticut Family Chiropractic

D. Fanselow, Danbury, CT

I came in for a condition they call "TMJ" or lock jaw; I could not eat or hardly talk because my jaw hurt so much. I could not believe that after 2 visits I could talk better and actually eat a little bit more. At first, I did not understand how Chiropractic could help my condition. My friends and family encouraged me to go to Dr. Sclafani, at Connecticut Family Chiropractic, where my oral surgeon referred me. The doctors and staff are wonderful and they take time to talk to you and find out if there are any other problems they can help you with, my quality of sleep is better, my digestion has improved, the staff is outstanding, very friendly and they take the time to ask "how are you" I do not see that a lot. I am not done with my treatments yet but I know when I am done I will be feeling 100% better. Overall my experience coming here has been great and very helpful with everyday living, they have free classes that teach you very important things that I bet you do not know about, attend if you can it is for your own benefit.

Brenda Little, Danbury, CT

When I first came to CFC my lower back was tight. I had broken my ankle and lost some of my range of motion. I had months of physical therapy and still had not obtained adequate range of motion. After only one treatment I noticed my gait improved. With each treatment I am better and better. My lower back is more comfortable.

I am very impressed and happy with my progress!

Alice Daly, Roxbury CT

Before coming to Connecticut Family Chiropractic, I was experiencing arm, shoulder, back, knee and right foot pain. Per an orthopedic spine specialist I was told to avoid surgery since so many cervical spine herniations involved that It would be too delicate of a risk for surgery. Since I began coming to Connecticut Family Chiropractic Center, I have been receiving excellent treatments including, spinal adjustments and therapeutic treatments which stimulate the muscles in my upper back, neck and shoulders, and lumbar areas. This has relieved the pain tremendously. I am so lucky to have found treatment that truly works. I can't say enough about the wonderful doctors and staff that are all part of a wonderful team that really care about each patient and make my visits very enjoyable. Also I've found that they are very accommodating with the whole scheduling process. They are open from 8 in the morning until 8 in the evening each day! This helps me as I need the flexibility. A time or two, I arrived late due to traffic and they were so understanding! I love them all! Thank you Connecticut Family Chiropractic center!

I am very impressed and happy with my progress!

Dawn Sturges, Danbury, CT

I was having severe pain in my lower back. The pain shot down my left leg to my calf. I could not sit or stand without the pain. I couldn't put on socks or shoes. I was taking Advil 3 pills at a time every 3 hours for weeks. I was even unable to go to work. I was trying to treat myself with stretching and nothing seemed to work. Then I came to Connecticut Family Chiropractic because many of my relatives come here. They did a thorough examination and explained my problem to me in detail. I began to understand that this had started many years prior and I didn't recognize the warning signs. Then, I started getting treatment. I got Ultrasound and Muscle Electrostimulation treatments from Elsa in the Physical Therapy department, she was great. I got adjustments from the doctors and little by little started feeling better. After about 2 weeks I was able to start sitting and standing and putting on my shoes without pain. After 4 weeks I was 85% now at 5 weeks I am almost 100% better. I have returned to work and I can work without pain, I am able to sleep in any position and do yard work again. The staff has been great. Deanna sets me up with all my appointments and Elsa does her magic with the machines. I recommend Chiropractic to everyone with any back and neck pain. What amazed me the most was that the doctor knew by my posture that the seat in my car was worn low on the right side giving my hip more pressure! I use a towel to level out the seat to ease the strain. They even helped me communicate this to my job and filled out my paperwork and got the paperwork there promptly, that really reduced my stress and helped me get better without any worry.

Mario Russotti, Danbury CT

When my medical doctor told me to see Dr. Sclafani at Connecticut Family Chiropractic I called that day. My low back was in such tremendous pain, and they made an appointment for me the same day. Dr. Sclafani gave me one of the most thorough examinations that I had ever had. When he was finished he looked at my x-rays and then he explained exactly everything about my condition. Since I was in pain for such a long time prior to my first visit, I didn't expect miracles. I was amazed at how fast I began to feel better and better. I have been back there now with other conditions and Dr. Sclafani always seems to know what the problem is and how to take care of it. Each time, the treatment has been successful and I feel better. I even consult with him about other health conditions and he always seems to be on the money! They are so friendly and accommodating and I really like going there when I need to. I would recommend them to anyone!

Lou Mahmood, Newtown CT

When I first came to the Connecticut Family Chiropractic I could barely move, I bent down to pick something up and couldn't straighten up. I came here in extreme pain. After just one treatment I could move more easily. After one week I have no pain and I'm feeling great. I would highly recommend this office.

Kathleen Peachman, Danbury, CT

When I first started coming to Connecticut Family Chiropractic in May of 2008, I had pain that was present for years. It was precipitated by my job. I had used my body for years in ways that were detrimental to my low back. I had treated with other doctors in the past. Usually, the pain would go away for a little while and come back. After Dr. Sclafani examined me and took new x-rays, he explained to me why the pain would come back. His treatments and the treatments in the Therapy department really made a great difference. They taught me good stretches and they gave me excellent instruction on how to avoid certain activities and helped me change what I was doing and the pain has not come back! The great staff at Connecticut Family Chiropractic also helped me to process my paperwork as this was a work related problem and everything was streamlined with no increased worry for me. All I had to do was to show up for my appointments and they did the rest! Dr. Sclafani, Dr. Healy and Dr. Statler have really helped my quality of life. I am sleeping better, driving without pain and doing all the physical activities without limitation, my overall health also feels improved since I have been receiving Chiropractic treatments in this great office.

I would recommend their services to everyone and all of my friends and family. Bravo Connecticut Family Chiropractic.

John Biscardi, New Milford CT

My family and I were involved in a car accident. We were hit from behind while stopped at a traffic light. My cousin referred me and my family to Connecticut Family Chiropractic. My family and I were in so much pain. It was hard to walk, my spine was shifted to the side, my neck was stiff and I had massive and annoying headaches. It really affected my daily duties, work and I couldn't sleep, because of the constant back pain. Once I started to get Chiropractic treatment and physical therapies I started feeling better. The pain killers that I had been taking were making me feel a little sick and very tired. It's like my body was asking for the therapies and adjustments. Treatments made me feel so much better and as time passed, I was able to do more and more. I really looked forward to the great therapies and adjustments that were given to me. The doctors at this chiropractic office did a wonderful and incredible job treating me and my family. After all the work that the doctors had done on us I am very grateful. It s been a year and seven months and if I were to feel a little pain on my back I would definitely come back to their office. I am happy to refer plenty of patients to this office. The staff was really great friendly and caring. What amazed me the most is the caring, friendship and trust that you experience at Connecticut Family Chiropractic.

Carolyn Marengo, Danbury CT

I had heard about Connecticut Family Chiropractic and Dr. Sclafani years before I ever went there myself. My son and wife and many of my friends had been there and treated there first. When I finally needed to go there myself, my low back and leg were so bad I could barely walk. The problem had persisted for years and gradually got worse. I didn't expect to improve so quickly, but I believe through the expertise of Dr. Sclafani and the staff of this wonderful office, I did get better and have been better for years now. Now, I refer my friends and the rest of my family in for treatments. Being in the business world most of my life, I have grown to appreciate great service and how important that is in any field. This office has it all! Expertise, convenience, friendly and just great in all the important ways!

Bill Saint, Southbury, CT

When I first came to Connecticut Family Chiropractic and began treatment with Dr. Louis Sclafani, I could hardly walk. Pain in my back, leg and foot had become very debilitating and had led to a diminished quality of life, as well as depression. After just 3 visits, there was remarkable improvement! The pain had diminished and I was able to resume normal activities.

To me, Dr. Louis Sclafani is nothing short of a miracle worker. After a few months under his care, I have my mobility and my life back! My energy level has increased and I am back to my exercise regimen. No more depression for me either!

I highly recommend Dr. Sclafani and Connecticut Family Chiropractic. Be reassured! Chiropractic care under Dr. Sclafani works! And I am living proof!

Carol Thibodeau Brookfield, CT

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